General Dentistry

Preventative Care

Comprehensive Exam – Your initial exam will be extensive and thorough – Dr. Shomer reviews your x-rays, examines your teeth, existing fillings, crowns, gums, bone, neck, tongue and Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

In addition to your visual exam and x-rays, Dr. Shomer will use an instrument called the DIAGNOdent. This devise scans your teeth for sub surface and early stage decay that previously might not be detected. Early detection is the best way to preserve your teeth. Periodic exams also include these services.

Prophylaxis – light scaling and polishing.

X-Rays -  We use digital radiography by Dexis, a leader in computer hard and software. Radiation is held to an absolute minimum while obtaining extremely clear images.

Fluoride Treatment – a mineral that helps prevent cavities and can repair teeth in the very early, microscopic stages of the decay. Both adults and children can benefit from a fluoride treatment which is a very simple and effective varnish application.

All our preventative care visits include comprehensive oral hygiene instruction and coaching. You will leave our office encouraged to do your best at helping us give you great future check-ups.

Night Guards

A custom-made clear acrylic shield is fabricated to protect your teeth from destructive grinding and clenching. We instruct and coach you on the use of this device. It can help relieve many of the symptoms of temporomandibular (TMJ) discomfort.

Oral Surgery

We perform in office routine and surgical extractions, as well as brush biopsies (CDX).


We use some of the best technology available to make your root canal therapy experience comfortable so you can obtain excellent results.

Periodontal Care

• Full mouth debridement.
• Root planing and scaling.


We fabricate dentures including, complete, traditional metal, metal free and others.

High quality in-office and lab repairs are available as a same day service. Well fitting dentures are paramount to gum and general oral health.


New Patients

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